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Valentine’s Day Jewelry Selections

No more running to the door when someone rings - no more wondering who might have come by while you’re out.
(good guy/gal, delivery, or… something to be wary of)

With SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, Version 2.0 you can see who’s there from ANYWHERE:
From your bed, while cooking, from the bathroom, from poolside,
or from 20 miles away at work, at school, at a ballgame, or at the beach.

SkyBell is a Wi-Fi enabled Video Doorbell system that lets you see just who’s at your door
with your phone, iPad, or other IOS or Android mobile device.

When a visitor to your door presses the SkyBell doorbell, you’re sent a Live Video feed for you to
see, hear, and also Speak to whoever is at your door.

Feel safer and be safer with SkyBell as you monitor whoever may come to your door,
any time of the day, from where ever you are, without having to stop what you’re doing.

Also, with SkyBell, you have these additional features:

  • SkyBell also has an advanced motion sensor that sends alerts and video when a visitor comes to your door but Does Not press the doorbell.

  • SkyBell is the only video doorbell system that includes an an “on-demand” feature that lets you to see out of the SkyBell camera at any time.

  • SkyBell lets you even turn off the doorbell chime from the app.

  • SkyBell has invisible night vision for viewing after dark.

  • SkyBell securely connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

  • SkyBell has a contrast setting to adjust to favorable lighting.

$149.99 and Shipping is FREE!

No more losing your keys or other personal items, and NEVER AGAIN leave your phone behind!

The TrackR is Here!

Attach the TrackR to the item you want to track, and download the App to your phone:

  • Lose your keys or other important item that has a TrackR attached?
  • Tap a button on your TrackR phone app
  • The TrackR on your keys or other item will ring
  • Lose your phone?
  • Press the button on the TrackR attached to your keys or other personal item
  • Your phone will ring, even if the ringer is turned off
  • TrackR features the “Crowd GPS” if you’re out of Bluetooth range:
  • When another TrackR user comes within range of your device, its location will be updated on a map
  • The map always shows the item’s last location

  • You put your phone down somewhere, and then later on start to leave the room
  • No worry with TrackR “Separation Alerts”
  • Leave it behind, and your TrackR will ring, letting you know, “Hey! Forget something?”

Now Only $29.99

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